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Homework 11

This is the task corresponding to homework 11.


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Definitions File

theory Defs
  imports "HOL-IMP.Big_Step"

datatype entry = Unchanged ("'_'_'_'_'_'_'_'_") | V "(int\<times>int) set"

unbundle lattice_syntax

definition chain :: "(nat \<Rightarrow> 'a::complete_lattice) \<Rightarrow> bool"
  where "chain C \<longleftrightarrow> (\<forall>n. C n \<le> C (Suc n))"

definition continuous :: "('a::complete_lattice \<Rightarrow> 'b::complete_lattice) \<Rightarrow> bool"
  where "continuous f \<longleftrightarrow> (\<forall>C. chain C \<longrightarrow> f (\<Squnion> (range C)) = \<Squnion> (f ` range C))"

lemma continuousD: "\<lbrakk>continuous f; chain C\<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow> f (\<Squnion> (range C)) = \<Squnion> (f ` range C)"
  unfolding continuous_def by auto

consts A\<^sub>0 :: "entry list"

consts A\<^sub>1 :: "entry list"

consts A\<^sub>2 :: "entry list"

consts A\<^sub>3 :: "entry list"

consts A\<^sub>4 :: "entry list"

consts A\<^sub>5 :: "entry list"

consts A\<^sub>6 :: "entry list"


Template File

theory Submission
  imports Defs

definition A\<^sub>0 :: "entry list"  where
  "A\<^sub>0 _ = undefined"

definition A\<^sub>1 :: "entry list"  where
  "A\<^sub>1 _ = undefined"

definition A\<^sub>2 :: "entry list"  where
  "A\<^sub>2 _ = undefined"

definition A\<^sub>3 :: "entry list"  where
  "A\<^sub>3 _ = undefined"

definition A\<^sub>4 :: "entry list"  where
  "A\<^sub>4 _ = undefined"

definition A\<^sub>5 :: "entry list"  where
  "A\<^sub>5 _ = undefined"

definition A\<^sub>6 :: "entry list"  where
  "A\<^sub>6 _ = undefined"

lemma cont_imp_mono:
    fixes f :: "'a::complete_lattice \<Rightarrow> 'b::complete_lattice"
  assumes "continuous f"
  shows "mono f"

thm mono_def monoI monoD

theorem kleene_lfp:
    fixes f :: "'a::complete_lattice \<Rightarrow> 'a"
  assumes CONT: "continuous f"
  shows "lfp f = \<Squnion> (range (\<lambda>i. (f^^i) \<bottom>))"
proof -
  txt \<open> We propose a proof structure here, however, you may deviate from this
    and use your own proof structure: \<close>  
  let ?C = "\<lambda>i. (f^^i) \<bottom>"
  note MONO=cont_imp_mono[OF CONT]
  have CHAIN: "chain ?C"

show ?thesis
  proof (rule antisym)
    show "\<Squnion> (range ?C) \<le> lfp f"
    show "lfp f \<le> Sup (range ?C)"

thm lfp_unfold lfp_lowerbound Sup_subset_mono range_eqI


Check File

theory Check
  imports Submission

lemma cont_imp_mono: "\<And> f :: 'a::complete_lattice \<Rightarrow> 'b::complete_lattice. (continuous f) \<Longrightarrow> mono f"
  by (rule Submission.cont_imp_mono)

theorem kleene_lfp: "\<And> f :: 'a::complete_lattice \<Rightarrow> 'a. (continuous f) \<Longrightarrow> lfp f = \<Squnion> (range (\<lambda>i. (f^^i) \<bottom>))"
  by (rule Submission.kleene_lfp)


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